Blog | May 18, 2012

How To Take Charge Of Your Customers' BYOD Threat

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By Jay McCall

If you've been following our blog or paying attention to any channel trends, you've not doubt heard about BYOD (bring your own device). If you're just hearing about this topic, here's a quick BYOD overview. In today's video blog, I want to share an insight I picked up recently regarding an important component of managing your customers' employees' consumer devices: remote wipe.

Many of the major consumer device manufacturers offer a remote wipe service. Apple's iCloud service, for example, allows iPhone/iPad users to locate their missing devices, and if the device is truly missing, the user has the option to remotely lock out or even to remotely wipe clean the device.

This is a nice feature for consumers, but it's inadequate for your customers that are looking for ways to enable those employees to run business applications and access sensitive corporate data on those devices. Check out my video below to see a better way to handle this situation and build a stronger customer relationship.