White Paper

White Paper: Improving Agent Productivity With Closed-Loop Coaching

In today‘s challenging economy, contact center managers are expected to meet seemingly impossible demands and are pulled in multiple directions by conflicting priorities. The executive team demands high levels of customer satisfaction while at the same time increase revenues and control costs. How can a call center manager reconcile these seemingly opposing goals?

One solution is to implement a comprehensive performance management process. Agent salaries represent 60% or more of a contact centers budget, so improving the productivity of your customer facing agents can result in significant increases to the bottom line. Closed-Loop Coaching is a framework, enabled by technology, for implementing a comprehensive performance management process.

Closed-Loop Coaching is a process to baseline, evaluate, and develop call center agents and the supporting tools used to interact and get results with customers. Companies "close the loop" by an ongoing process of measure-ment, action, and re-measurement until the desired results are achieved. Additional benefits are derived when companies "close the loop" with ties to the recruiting, hiring and onboarding process.

In this paper, we will explore some of the challenges common to contact centers and the costs associated with those challenges. Then we will introduce the concept of Closed-Loop Coaching and show you how implementing a comprehensive performance management process can result in a powerful return on investment (ROI) for your organization.