Case Study

NAS Vs. Server For Small Business

Source: Datto Inc.
SMB NAS Vs Server

Do you perform an IT audit? Do their business needs come into play? Is it worth the effort migrating from an existing solution to one you prefer? Is it all based on cost?

Stratatech Group, a managed service and IT provider based in Norwalk, Connecticut, takes all of it into account when they both pitch and onboard a new client. It’s all about the best solution for the client’s requirements, resources and budget.

During his evaluation with a new small business client, Fior Lostumo, Partner with Stratatech, noticed they were running a Windows Server. While that in itself is pretty straightforward, it was beyond what the client required. Fior and his team knew of a better solution, that was better scaled to their client’s needs and that would deliver more functionality.

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