News | February 11, 2009

New Minuteman Extreme Runtime Battery Packs Extend Business-Critical Continuity During Power Outages

Offering companies up to a five time increase in battery runtime for their uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), Para Systems, manufacturer of the comprehensive line of Minuteman power protection solutions, today announced the availability of its EXL Series of extreme runtime battery packs for mission critical applications. The new products are compatible with Minuteman’s Endeavor online and EnterprisePlus line interactive UPS solutions for enterprise IT, security and voice over IP (VoIP) phone systems.

IT managers at small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are seeking longer battery back-up times for servers, networking devices, data storage, telephone and security systems according to a Frost & Sullivan survey. “Having a longer time to react when power outages occur has moved from a luxury to a requirement as IT managers handle an increasing number of mission-critical systems and applications,” said Vishal Sapru, energy and power industry analyst for Frost and Sullivan. “SMBs continue to tell us that they want UPS solutions that offer more battery backup time.”

“When the power fails, businesses are in a vulnerable position that can have a widespread effect across every operational function,” stated Bill Allen, director of marketing for Para Systems. “When power fails, the phone system goes down and the life-line to customers is cut off. When networks go down, companies cannot perform vital operational functions. If a security system goes down, there is no security. The more reliant businesses become on these systems, the more important it is to keep them up and running during an extended power outage.”

Minuteman has been a pioneer in extended runtime applications for more than 25 years, having been the first company to offer external battery packs with a UPS. In addition to the new EXL extreme runtime battery pack series, Para Systems offers a wide variety of battery pack options including its XL Series, also compatible with its Endeavor and EnterprisePlus UPS. For more information on Minuteman’s EXL Series, visit Also visit, the industry’s most extensive on-line UPS selection guide developed by Para Systems. This easy-to-use tool lists thousands of products from hundreds of manufacturers, allowing the user to configure a system and then determine exactly what Minuteman UPS products best suit their needs and their battery backup time requirements. Battery backup runtime solutions are listed from the basic 10 to 15 minutes, to 4 hours, 8 hours and beyond.

About Para Systems, Inc.
Para Systems, Inc., based in Carrollton, TX, is a leading provider of power technologies. The company’s Minuteman brand of comprehensive power protection solutions range from small to large-scale uninterruptible power supply (UPS) products to a full line of unique surge suppressors, power distribution units, and remote power management systems. Minuteman products protect telephone/VOIP systems, personal computers, network servers and infrastructure peripherals, security systems, and industrial applications. The Minuteman brand of products is sold through a large network of distributors and resellers. Para Systems in a wholly-owned subsidiary of Components Corporation of America, headquartered in Dallas, TX, whose roots date back to 1916. For more information, visit