News | August 12, 2009

New Models With 'Green' Features Added To Minuteman EnSpire Series UPSs

Para Systems, Inc. today announced the availability of two new additions to their successful Minuteman EnSpire series of uninterruptible power supplies. The EN750 and EN900 provide new “green” features and are ideal for home office and small to medium-sized businesses that are seeking value-priced power protection for their mission-critical devices.

The new EN750 and EN900 provide energy savings through two specific design features. First, when the internal battery is fully charged, the charger goes into “rest mode,” thus saving energy. Second, the units are designed to operate at over 90% efficiency while in AC Normal mode. Higher efficiency means less power is consumed while devices are operating. When the "Green Mode" LCD is illuminated, the user will know the UPS is operating in its maximum efficiency and energy-saving mode. Both features decrease the amount of electricity required to operate the UPS and the attached equipment, reducing both its carbon footprint and saving the user money.

Along with higher capacity capabilities and more battery power, the two new micro-processor-based models have an LCD display that informs the user of various power conditions, including input voltage, battery runtime, connected load consumption, and other operating information.

“With the introduction of the EN750 and EN900, we are bringing a higher-end feature set to this value-priced product line,” stated Bill Allen, director of marketing for Para Systems. “Priced at less than $100, both of these models are an excellent choice to protect a user’s valuable equipment within a home or office environment. We have also taken a device that already offers important functionality by providing total power protection and added a whole new end-user benefit in the form of power consumption savings.”
The new EnSpire UPS products protect up to 4 mission-critical devices from all power anomalies, including power outages, brownouts, surges and spikes. Four additional non-critical devices can be plugged in to protect them from surges and spikes. The new units also have built-in surge and spike protection for a cable or satellite TV coax connection, along with protection for a single telephone or fax line. Free power monitoring and management software is also provided.

All EnSpire models are standby UPSs that include a 3-year warranty on parts and labor plus a 2-year warranty on each unit’s batteries. These new products are currently available through on-line retailers, VARs, and distributors. For more information, visit

About Para Systems, Inc.
Para Systems, Inc., based in Carrollton, TX, is a leading provider of power technologies. The company’s Minuteman brand of comprehensive power protection solutions range from small to large-scale uninterruptible power supply (UPS) products to a full line of unique surge suppressors, power distribution units, and remote power management systems. Minuteman products protect telephone/VoIP systems, personal computers, network servers and infrastructure peripherals, security systems, and industrial applications. The Minuteman brand of products is sold through a large network of distributors and resellers. Para Systems is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Components Corporation of America, headquartered in Dallas, TX, whose roots date back to 1916. For more information, visit