Guest Column | April 2, 2014

Opportunity In Disguise: Two Statements That Spell Disaster For Mobility ISVs

Disaster For Mobility ISVs

By Steve Sager, CEO, ExtenData

Running a mobile supply chain solutions company requires continually watching for changes and opportunities. So far this year, during meetings with customers and prospects, two statements have been etched in my mind.

  1. A new crop of young, talented kids can develop and distribute software for little to no cost. In addition, the costs for devices and their carrier networks continue to decrease — rapidly.
  2. The only way a technology initiative will succeed is by executive level endorsement and support.

Statement number one was made by the CEO of a $100 million company. As a business owner, he is eager and can see how mobile applications will transform his business. He is equally excited that the cost and resources to make this transformation a reality is simple and inexpensive. 

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