Case Study

PSA Solution Helps Axcell Technologies Grow 50% In One Year

Source: ConnectWise
Axcell Technologies Growth

Axcell Technologies is a respected provider of outsourced IT services in the Chicago area. Axcell serves a variety of industries including manufacturing, real estate, healthcare, transportation, and finance. As the company grew, President Rick Vines began looking for an integrated Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution to help better manage the dispatch and scheduling aspects of the service ticket process. During the evaluation process, Vines was impressed with the functionality that ConnectWise had to offer and how it tied in to all areas of the business. "ConnectWise is at the center of what we do. We use it for just about everything on the operations side." said Vines.

Documenting and proving value to clients

ConnectWise has given Axcell a way to keep track of everything that happens—which has helped them demonstrate the value they provide to clients. Through audit trails and response time measurements, Vines has all the information he needs in one system to evaluate the issue resolution process. Vines explains, "We no longer have to search through emails and try to piece together information from different systems. When a client brings up an issue with our service and we need to look back at what happened, I have all the data I need. For example, if a client says that we were slow to respond, I can present the facts including how long it took us to resolve the particular issue, as well as our average response and resolution times. For us, that is huge. We want to stop any negative client perception as soon as we can."

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