Guest Column | March 15, 2016

Regulatory Tug-Of-War And The Rise Of The Hybrid Cloud

By Malcolm Ross, VP of Product, Appian

Hybrid Cloud Storage: The Best Of Both Worlds

The tug-of-war between regulatory compliance and operational efficiency is causing companies to turn to the “hybrid cloud” for their business applications. Companies want the benefits of the cloud but need to control confidential customer data. This is particularly true in the financial sector, where security regulations often require that sensitive customer data remain in a company’s local country.

The hybrid cloud is a cloud computing environment that works with a range of on-premises infrastructure and even other public cloud services. There’s orchestration among platforms to make sure workloads can be moved among the hybrid components. The hybrid cloud offers the cloud advantages of operational flexibility and lower-cost deployment while also adhering to data protection and other regulatory requirements. In a nutshell, companies are embracing the hybrid cloud because it strikes the ideal balance.

No one can deny that the cloud speeds organizations’ delivery times with on-demand access to applications and application improvements, all with lower operational expenses. Without the capital expense of building infrastructure, costs are redirected to time and materials expenses at a fraction of what an on-premise system or private cloud would cost.

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