Guest Column | October 11, 2013

5 SaaS Companies To Watch

By Dina Moskowitz, CEO and Founder of SaaSMAX

As cloud matures, we see two major trends, consolidation and specialization. Consolidation typically involves larger companies making acquisitions to complete their portfolios, while new and exciting start-ups are innovating and driving specialization. Although these specialists can initially appear to be long-tail plays, it is these ideas that are shaping the future of technology, particularly in software.

The software landscape’s growth these days is mostly attributed to business Cloud Apps (SaaS), and as the founder of SaaSMAX, I’m getting to know many exciting SaaS Apps that are growing their sales through the reseller channel. We all hear about the SaaS sector media sweethearts like DropBox, Salesforce, Ultimate Software, Google Apps, Microsoft Office365, etc., but I thought it would be interesting to highlight a few “under-the radar” and more specialized SaaS solutions that are growing and attracting interest among SaaSMAX resellers.

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