Case Study

Sandy Puts Disaster Recovery To The Ultimate Test

Source: Datto Inc.

This paper helps exemplify some of the truly unique attributes of Datto—from technology, to product, to service, to leadership, to our valued Partners and their clients.  It’s easy to see what makes Datto the award-winning backup, disaster recovery and intelligent business continuity leader, with a 100% channel focus.  Everything planned for and implemented during Superstorm Sandy are valuable lessons for everyday, successful backup and disaster recovery.

Here is an excerpt from this case study:

Datto then began preparing their employees, HQ, and data center to weather the storm. A full crew of employees was assembled to staff Datto’s Cloud Operations Center in Reading, Pennsylvania and Technical Support Staff (TSS). By Monday, October 29 when Sandy made landfall Datto was ready, with a supply of food and a full team of Support Representatives, System Administrators, VP of Operations, Director of Technical Support, and even CEO Austin McChord on hand. The team ensured that operations were never interrupted throughout the storm and Partners always has assistance available.

Download this case study below to read more about Datto's operations during Hurricane Sandy.