Article | February 3, 2014

Self-Service Portals – Making A Difference

Source: Cayan
Self Service Portals

By David McSweeney, Executive Vice President, Operations, Merchant Warehouse

Self-service portals – a good portion of individuals use them on a regular basis and most if not all of us have heard of at least one in particular in the past several weeks –

The basic concept of self-service portals is to provide customers with an easy way to access tools and resources specific to your business. For example, as a smartphone owner, I have access to my telecom provider and my account via an online portal. Within the portal, I can check my balance, pay my bill, change service levels, order a new device, and complete a number of other activities, all electronically, from a computer or mobile device, 24/7/365. For many, portals like these are rapidly becoming the preferred medium for service and support, as it’s often quicker and easier for the customer as opposed to calling in or even sending an email.

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