Sinek Inspires IT Nation 2013

Source: ConnectWise
Bernadette Wilson

By Bernadette Wilson


Channel members had many takeaways from Simon Sinek’s keynote at IT Nation 2013. Here is a sampling of comments via Twitter from the event held November 13-15, 2013 in Orlando, FL.

TheITNation: Simon Sinek is on stage telling us how to "discover your why" #ITN13

Varvid: What a wonderful opportunity. Listening to @simonsinek talk on "Start With Why" and his upcoming book #ITN13

FollowContinuum: Remember, the point of metrics is to get you to an end goal. What is your goal? Write it down! #ITN13

FollowContinuum: You can get addicted to hitting goals and when you do, you're likely to cheat and destroy relationships to get there #ITN13

Eric_D_Townsend: "People don't buy WHAT you do... they buy WHY you do it." @simonsinek Great POV for your #SMB #startwithwhy #ITN13

J_Boardman: "Your clients will never love you until your employees love you first" @simonsinek #ITN13

RCMelick: I practice this every day @salesfoundry: Want to reduce # of emails recd? Reply to inbounds via phone @simonsinek at IT Nation. #ITN13

michaelgeorge: Leaders set the standard for people to come into your company. You need to find people who believe what you believe #ITN13

Enroute_MJ: To provide the best customer service, take the time to show your team they are safe. @simonsinek #ITN13

Heather_Ptak: "Leaders set the entry into the organization and decide how wide to make the circle of safety." @simonsinek #ITN13

J_Boardman: Great organizations extend the "circle of safety" to the lowest employee — everyone wants to work towards greater good @simonsinek #ITN13

cookingstu: We are wired to take care of each other. Great organizations extend the circle of safety to include everyone. #ITN13

FollowContinuum: When you have too much stress, you are less empathetic. You can’t take care of each other because you have to preserve yourself #ITN13

aaronbooker: The leadership chemicals (EDSO) are going to be the basis of an excellent book. @simonsinek #ITN13

FollowContinuum: Stress makes you more susceptible to illness. Don’t let work kill you #ITN13

TomWyant: Simon Sinek just finished and my mind = blown! Going back to the office with a whole new perspective! #ITN13

MANAGEtoWIN: Simon Sinek recommends take small steps (Jim Collins' bullets) when working on your culture #ITN13

Keira_McIntosh: Fascinating talk by @simonsinek on anthropology & the biochemistry that builds good organisations & communities. Top choice #ITN13

aaronbooker: "Leaders Eat Last" — new book coming from @simonsinek on January 7th. Fantastic talk today. I'm inspired! Thank you @ConnectWise #ITN13