Article | February 3, 2014

SmartPhones: Leveraging Technology To Improve The In-Store Shopping Experience

Source: Cayan
Smartphone Shopping Retail

By Jenn Reichenbacher, Director of Communications, Merchant Warehouse

If you own a brick-and-mortar retail business and cringe whenever you witness customers wielding smartphones, you might want to rethink things a little. We've all heard horror stories about people visiting local businesses, scoping out the merchandise and then using their smartphones to find the same items online for much cheaper. It’s called showrooming and, as a result of it’s growing trend, many business owners are opposed to smartphone use in their stores. But, a new report by Google is sure to change many people's minds.

The report is entitled "How In-Store Shoppers are Using Mobile Devices," and it features the results of a study that was performed in conjunction with The Google Shopper Marketing Agency Council and MARC Research. After examining the behaviors of more than 1,500 smartphone users, the study shows that mobile use can actually enhance a brick-and-mortar store's success. The trick is knowing how to embrace the mobile revolution.

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