Guest Column | November 23, 2015

3 Things SMBs Want You (As An IT Services Provider) To Deliver

By Mark Sokol, VP, Product Marketing and Branding, ConnectWise

Mark Sokol

In this digital age, where just about any content you can imagine is available on demand, people expect things faster, better, now. Your customers are no exception.

“Nothing’s working! My business is at a standstill. I’m losing money. When will we be back up and running?”

You’ve probably heard customers hurl some variation of the above more times than you’d like to admit. And despite your best efforts, systems fail. Sometimes it’s because of a zero-day attack or natural disaster. Or maybe it’s simply because your client chose not to upgrade its outdated hardware, which finally gave out.

Whatever the reason, you’re the IT company and it’s your job to fix it — and fast.

It’s a vicious cycle — one that stresses out your customer, you, and your team. So perhaps it’s time to explore a different approach altogether.

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