Guest Column | August 25, 2015

Workplace BYOD: Delivering Services Is The Key

By Malcolm Ross, VP of Product, Appian

Workplace BYOD

I’m often asked what I’d recommend for the surge in bring your own device business technology, especially for mobile workforce productivity.

Here’s the thing: A device is a device is a device. There will always be the flavor of the moment (remember when the Blackberry was the smartphone for serious business users?). And there will always be something new on the horizon — like the Apple Watch, or Google Glass (or Google Glass yet again).

Outside of the cool factor, none of these things really matters by itself. They’re all just ways to get to what’s really important, which is access to full-featured software on the go. In other words, services.

Without services to give them business value, mobile devices and wearable technology are nothing more than gadgets — luxuries for business, and far from essential.

The Fastest To Adapt Services Are The Winners

To get the most from mobile technology, enterprises have to continually adapt their architectures to support services across current and future mobile innovations.

That can be a challenge, because the rapid pace of mobile innovation has resulted in devices of all shapes and sizes. The companies that can most quickly apply their services to these seismic shifts in innovation will emerge as market leaders.

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