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  1. RSPA New Member Spotlight: Getting To Know Newest Members

    2015 saw the addition of many new faces into RSPA membership this year. With the sign-on of each new member, we request that members tell us a little more about their businesses and the work they do. We’ve collected quite a few in recent months, and we’d like to introduce you to some of them now:

  2. 2015: The Year With The Chip On Its Shoulder

    Many would say that the biggest issue in POS this year—the one with the most airtime, for sure—would be comprised of three letters. But could that really be the case—can a transition to a new payment technology in the U.S. cause such a ruckus? Could this be another instance of a year dominated by a 3 character alphanumeric phrase? (1999 is still very vivid in the minds of many in our industry)

  3. RSPA INSPIRE 2016 To Be Held In San Diego

    The Retail Solutions Providers Association (RSPA) announced Inspire 2016 will be held stateside this year, scheduled for January 31 to February 3, 2016, at Park Hyatt Aviara Resort in San Diego. By Christine Kern, contributing writer

  4. Tech Investments And Challenges For Your Retail IT Clients, By Tier, In 2016

    A Retail Solutions Providers Association (RSPA) webinar examined IT trends and plans among retail tiers, presented by Greg Buzek, founder and CEO of IHL Group.

  5. The World’s First Sales Training School

    Stopping his horse on a bluff that overlooked a peaceful scene of trees and gentle breezes, John H. Patterson looked north: sprawled in front of him to one side were the sprawling factory grounds of the company he founded (the National Cash Register Company), and to the other, a pristine view of the city of his birth (Dayton, Ohio). Given the serene and breezy setting, Patterson was struck with an idea to move the small sales school he had founded nine years earlier, currently being hosted in a small house on his property, to this quiet location with the incredible, inspiring views.

  6. Sales (R)evolution: Lessons Learned From The Finance Industry

    I consider myself a lifelong learner. I enjoy reading about other industries, approaches, and people as I think there is much to be learned by how others approach their situations.  I spent the bulk of my career in the financial services industry; and, as I consider the challenges our industry is currently experiencing, I believe we can extrapolate some key learnings from the evolution of financial services.

  7. RSPA President’s Note: Sales Information And Resources, A Look Ahead To INSPIRE

    I was thrilled when the staff approached me with the idea of an issue of connect dedicated to sales. Though I wondered, how could we fit relevant, meaningful information on such a broad topic into just one issue? Well it seems we have done just that in the October/November 2015 issue.

  8. The Consultative Selling Process: Which Questions Should You Ask?

    Asking questions is a critical part of consultative selling process. But there’s sometimes a big gap between knowing to ask and knowing what to ask. Oftentimes, when a salesperson starts in point of sale (POS), the questions are already prescribed: perhaps an owner or sales manager has a script for the newbie to follow. But it takes time to learn how to build rapport with a potential customer. Can this be done with the right open-ended questions?

  9. Why POS Resellers Need To Provide Business Continuity For Their Clients

    After a disaster, it’s important to help your merchant clients stay connected to the outside world. Business continuity is crucial in the wake of disasters, when communication is essential.

  10. New EMV Resources Are Available To RSPA Members

    The Retail Solutions Providers Association (RSPA) announced new resources for VARs providing EMV solutions to their clients: an EMV solutions grid and the Merchant FAQ tool.