POS Magazine

  1. 10 Retail, Restaurant IT Growth Opportunities

    Industry experts share the “what” and “how” regarding today’s hottest VAR and ISV opportunities.

  2. Payment & Data Security: Lessons Learned From The Front Lines

    According to a Business Solutions’ EMV and payment security survey, VARs take a hands-off approach to security despite increasing threats. These solutions providers need to change their thinking or risk being the partner of a customer with a front-page breach.

  3. Payment Innovation: Sorting Through The Hype

    In the payments industry, there’s real innovation and there’s hype. Three industry leaders gathered to discuss what is truly worthy of your interest.

  4. Learn The Secrets Of POS-As-A-Service Pros

    Three solutions providers share their secrets on not just playing in the POS-as-a-Service space, but winning it.

  5. The Path Of Most Resistance

    If your POS business is struggling, it could be time for change. Heck, even if your business isn’t struggling, it could be time for change. At our recently held Retail IT VAR of the Future conference in Chicago, speaking with attendees and our panelists made it clear that VARs are currently having very different experiences in today’s market. Some are growing like crazy, while others are simply trying to keep their heads above water.

  6. Building Sales On Battle-Tested Security

    After being forged in the fire of a customer data security compromise, a veteran ISV turns its attention to security beyond the POS.

  7. Look Beyond EMV

    Today’s payment terminals provide a host of additional features smart VARs are promoting to help convince customers to upgrade.

  8. First Steps Toward Customer Engagement

    This VAR’s 18-store POS, payment, and infrastructure upgrade lays the foundation for customer engagement solutions.

  9. Expand Your Line Card

    How does your line card compare with that of your peers? More importantly, where are the highest margins and most revenue?

  10. What’s Your Next Big Revenue Generator?

    This VAR is projecting 25% revenue growth through EMV upgrades, online ordering add-on, and by selling software that can handle the pace of a NYC hotspot.