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  1. How To Go Beyond Omnichannel

    We know that 2016 was the year of “omnichannel”—but we don’t believe omnichannel goes far enough. To us, omnichannel requires only the ability to accept payments in all channels. It’s a good and necessary step for any business, but it’s not enough in today’s retail environment. Modern consumers demand unified commerce: support for the entire customer journey across all channels, from brick‐and‐mortar to e‐commerce to in‐aisle and beyond.

  2. Why “Omnichannel” Isn’t Enough

    In 2016, omnichannel became the “must have” way to sell. It doesn’t matter if it’s a large national retailer or a small local retailer—customers now expect every retailer to be everywhere. They want to shop in person at their brick‐and‐mortar store, they want to browse online at their website, they want an app to make everything streamlined.

  3. Advice For ISVs Starting Reseller Programs

    BlueStar’s Dean Reverman, Global Marketing Manager, and Jason Firment, Marketing Director for POS Solutions and Varcom, took time recently to answer a wide range of questions about ISVs thinking about starting a reseller program, what VARs look for in ISV partners, BlueStar’s ISV Connect initiative.

  4. NCR Partners With Creditcall To Handle Their EMV Implementation

    Like every other POS provider in the United States, NCR found itself in 2014 facing an upcoming EMV liability shift that had many of its merchants in a state of panic. Mark Critchett, product management director, small business division for NCR Corp. recalls the pressure felt industry-wide to get technology in place that would enable EMV payments. For NCR, that meant addressing EMV for both its NCR Silver and NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition software.

  5. Sunshine Daydream Offers Groovy Digital Receipt Solution To Customers

    Sunshine Daydream Hippie Shop is a psychedelic shopping boutique, located in St. Louis, Missouri. Sunshine Daydream offers an array of merchandise from clothes, to home décor, to smoking accessories, and more. Already a user of Star Micronics TSP100 LAN printers, Sunshine Daydream has decided to implement Star’s AllReceipts™ digital receipt app in all four locations, allowing customers to store and manage their receipts digitally on their smart phones.

  6. Star-Salesforce Solution Helps Capture Data And Respond At Each Touchpoint On The Customer’s Journey

    Operating under the brand names Blackbird Vineyards, Recuerdo Wines, Resolute Wines, and ÆRENA Galleries & Gardens, Bespoke Collection offers a curated selection of boutique wines, one-of-a-kind objet d’art, and unique lifestyle experiences.

  7. Gorge Greenery Grows Their Business With Star Micronics And Green Bits

    Gorge Greenery, the only Clean Green Certified recreational marijuana dispensary in the Columbia Gorge, prides itself on providing the highest quality cannabis products from the best producers and growers in Oregon. Gorge Greenery was able to find a simple, yet reliable point of sale solution for their upcoming dispensary through Green Bits and Star Micronics.

  8. Surgical Services Firm Speeds Search And Retrieval Of Vital Documents With KnowledgeLake

    AMSURG has a large presence nationwide. It has more than 250 ASCs in 34 states and provides physician services in 24 states, employing more than 2,800 physicians and other healthcare professionals. This vast network of healthcare facilities and practitioners generates an immense amount of financial documentation, particularly at the end of each month. The methods that the company used in the past for backing up its accounting documents were outdated and inefficient.

  9. 2017 Outlook: Eight POS Trends To Watch

    Each new year brings changes, reaffirmation of trends and patterns, and new developments. In the retail and hospitality space, expect to see in 2017 a continuation of the trend toward mobility, cloud-based solutions and the emergence of Unified Commerce strategies. Some belt-tightening is also likely as these industries wade through economic and political uncertainties, particularly in Europe.

  10. MSP Helion Automotive Technologies Delivers Best-Of-Breed Protection

    Founded in 1997 by Erik Nachbahr in his Baltimore basement, Helion Automotive Technologies has quickly grown to be America’s largest outsourced technology provider for auto dealerships. Helion brings considerable brainpower and experience to bear on all things relating to automotive technology. With over 650 dealerships and body shops under management, Helion’s staff is keenly in tune with the unique challenges faced by auto dealers, both technical and operational.