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  1. Millennials & Mobile: Hospitality Trends Of ‘Generation Y’

    The word ‘Millennial’ is referenced more and more these days, and while the term is sometimes used in a light-hearted or satirical context (“it’s a millennial thing” or “millennials are taking over the world!”), millennials are an influential part of the population and an important group to understand – especially as it relates to hospitality and technology.

  2. Ransomware Infection Reveals Bigger Problems For Financial Firm

    In addition to paying ransom fees to retrieve locked files, inadequate security protection puts a financial service firm out of compliance with industry regulations.

  3. 3 Reasons It’s The Right Time To Become An MSSP

    Your customers have already bought into the as-a-service business model; why not take the next step and deliver the security services they need, too?

  4. The TLS Changeover: Why You Should Start Preparing

    The next big deadline in payment processing is on the way, but surprisingly not many people in the industry are talking about it. In June 2018, the TLS changeover deadline is coming. It might seem far away, but it’s going to require a lot of work to get your merchants prepared, and it’s best to get started soon. Because if they’re not ready in time, it’ll cost them.

  5. MSP MasterClass - Session 2: The Criticality Of Packaged Offers

    Join Dana Willmer, Principal at CloudSpeed, as he explains why MSPs must have industry-specific solutions to sell to their customers. Learn how to build packaged offers and monetize your workflows. MSP MasterClass is presented by SherWeb, Microsoft and CompTia.

  6. MSP MasterClass - Session 3: Marketing Is The New Sales – Building Your Marketing Muscle

    To acquire new customers, MSPs need to develop core marketing capabilities. Sharka Chobot, Chief Transformation Officer at Neural Impact, will teach you how to develop a packaged offer that separates you from the pack. MSP MasterClass is presented by SherWeb, Microsoft and CompTia.

  7. MSP MasterClass - Session 5: Trends In Managed Services

    In this market intelligence session, Technology Futurist Ian Khan explains the benefits and challenges in adopting cloud computing. Learn how to overcome your customers’ objections. MSP MasterClass is presented by SherWeb, Microsoft and CompTia.

  8. MSP MasterClass - Session 4: Accelerating The Cloud Buying Process – Adjusting To Buyer 2.0

    Today's buyers do their own research and are well informed before they start working with a sales professional. In this session, Mark Stuyt, Founder & Chief Engagement Officer at Neural Impact, will help you adjust your sales strategies to the new buyer's behavior. MSP MasterClass is presented by SherWeb, Microsoft and CompTia.

  9. MSP MasterClass - Session 1: The Cloud Financial Impact (Where The Money Really Is)

    Join Dana Willmer, Principal at CloudSpeed, for a deep dive into the economic and financial aspects of reselling the cloud. Learn why the cloud matters to the business owner and what the best practices are for transitioning your business model to the cloud. MSP MasterClass is presented by SherWeb, Microsoft and CompTia.

  10. INSPIRE 2017: Connecting And Collaborating In St. Kitts

    Formally known as St. Christopher Island, St. Kitts is named for the patron saint of the most famous explorer to cross its shores, Christopher Columbus. The small island — a mere 18 miles long and 5 miles across — served as a stunning backdrop for INSPIRE 2017.