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  1. From Counting Cash To Counting On Operational Excellence

    The Costcutter store in Porthleven, UK, is a busy place, especially in the summer months when tourists flock to the seaside town. The staff were spending more than two hours daily counting money, calculating cash floats and topping up tills, which hurt productivity. With multiple cashiers using the same tills, it was difficult to hold anyone accountable for discrepancies.

  2. Alaska Financial Wins Big With New POS Solution Offering

    Today, selling merchant services without any sort of value-add is a recipe for disaster. Those in this business suffer from shrinking margins and high attrition rates when competing on price alone. Some ISOs and agents, however, have adjusted their business model to address these trends.

  3. Seven Situations Where Cash Is King

    There are plenty of good reasons to carry cash. You get better control of your budget and will likely spend less than when you use plastic or electronic payments for everything, even a cup of coffee or a candy bar.

  4. Phishing: Don’t Let Employees Fall Hook, Line, And Sinker

    Phishing isn’t simply a threat to business, it’s the number one delivery vehicle for ransomware and other malware. More and more organizations are falling victim to phishing attacks – 85 percent of organizations suffered one last year — and the average costs to a company hit by a successful spear phishing attack is more than $1.5 million.

  5. Dig Into Selling POS To Garden Centers

    Dale Pinney of Olaf Solutions Inc. — celebrating over 30 years in the garden industry, helping small business owners with their store's needs — took time to dive deep into how and why servicing garden centers can prove fruitful. Read on to learn why a POS system is crucial for garden centers, how stores can improive their ROI, and much more.

  6. New Three-Restaurant Complex With Kitchen Powered By Bematech

    Evanston is a city located just north of Chicago Illinois, home to Northwestern University and is the world’s headquarters of Rotary International.  Catering to Evanston’s diverse population is a new three-restaurant complex housing two familiar Evanston restaurants; LuLus and Taco Diablo and something new, Five and Dime.

  7. Take Your MSP From Good 2 Great

    No matter how well-run the business, every managed service provider (MSP) can take steps to go from good to great.

  8. Channel Expert Q&A: Ship And Debit

    Computer Market Research (CMR) sat down with former Cisco Global Sales Operations Manager, current expert channel sales financial consultant and coach, Bob Meinhard, for a quick regarding the current infrastructure of the modern day "Ship and Debit" process.

  9. The Reseller's Approach To Writing A Marketing Plan

    Making the decision to invest in marketing is a no-brainer for some, but for many small businesses, the choice between investing in business infrastructure or bonuses and running a marketing campaign can be difficult. By Greg Aiken, Partner Marketing Manager

  10. Selling To Shoppers On Demand

    Shopping has evolved from a simple choice between buying online or in-store. Customers now have options ranging from “click-and-collect” (online ordering, in-store pickup) to in-store returns for online purchases, through to brickand-mortar outposts established by traditional ecommerce players. It’s clear that the lines between in-store and online shopping have never been blurrier. Consumers can shop anywhere, at any time, on any device. And retailers are charged with connecting digital and in-store experiences like never before.