1. Business Intelligence Trends To Look For In 2017

    In recent years, organizations have become infused with data, big and small. Organizations that saw the competitive advantage in collecting, storing, and harnessing this data quickly began to innovate quicker than ever before. The old way of approaching business intelligence was fading, and the business and IT sides of companies began collaborating to maximize this new found influence. Since this infusion of data and collaboration with IT and business, trends in the business intelligence industry have become a hot topic.

  2. Membership Has Its Privileges

    Lynn Souza, President and CEO of Connect Computer, has been an ASCII member for six years. Ask her why and she’ll tell you it’s because ASCII is a caring group that wants to help the industry. Furthermore, ASCII members helping each other ultimately results in individuals learning to help themselves. How is this possible? Souza answered this question and more when she took time to speak with me at the ASCII Success Summit held in October in Providence, RI.

  3. How 2016 Cyber Attacks Will Impact 2017 Security Strategies

    Survey finds despite escalating threats, few changes to security are planned in 2017. By Christine Kern, contributing writer

  4. 5 Steps To An Agile Business Plan

    It’s the year of the business plan. Running a business means wearing a lot of hats, and something is bound to keep ending up on the back burner. But, for the sake of your business success, don’t let that be your business plan.

  5. Digital Business Transformation: 4 Recommendations For Success

    DBT is the overarching strategy that guides the reimagining of the business in a customer-first, networked world. It is the thread that unites the organization’s digital efforts and compels business leaders to radically rethink the ways in which the business will meet customer needs in an always-on world. By Sheldon Monteiro, global Chief Technology Officer, SapientNitro

  6. 2016 Annual SaaSMAX CompTIA State Of The Channel Webinar For The SaaS & Cloud Sector

    Is the IT Channel a Real Opportunity for SaaS & Cloud Products? CompTIA Reveals How the IT Reseller Channel Is Transitioning. Presented by Carolyn April, CompTIA’s Senior Director of Industry Analysis. If you're a CEO, CMO, CFO or CTO of a SaaS or Cloud company, or if you're a Partner who is adopting SaaS in your line card, this is a MUST-WATCH event.

  7. Reinventing The Channel: 5 Top Emerging Trends

    While it has always been incumbent upon a manufacturer to keep pace with changes in technology to ensure success of its channel partners, the challenge to do so has never been greater. By Stephanie Dismore, Vice President & General Manager, U.S. Channels at HP Inc.

  8. 5 Solutions That Can Streamline Your Business Operations

    With technology advancing at a rapid pace, more and more companies are finding it difficult to streamline their operations, often enduring painful consequences. Companies that don’t want to get left behind, stuck in the old days, would be wise to consider implementing these five solutions to keep up with the times.

  9. 5 Of The Most Challenging Obstacles In Channel Management

    Channel managers are required to possess a plethora of social and tactical skills; not just someone whom wears many hats, but someone with a comprehensive understanding of the channel industry, it's ever-evolving modification (in both technology and economics), the complexities and miscommunication it produces as well as the ambiguous gamble an indirect partnership entails.

  10. Building A Reseller Program: Advice From Experts At ISV IQ Live!

    ISV Panelists provide advice from the trenches on how to create good reseller relationships.