1. Backup, Restore, And Disaster Recovery

    Before deciding on a backup technology there should be consideration made towards your business process and how it is impacted by a loss to compute capability. By Rich Rutkowski, Sale Point Data, LLC

  2. Targeting Value: Bull’s-Eye On Value Added Resellers

    Value added resellers (VARs) have long been sought after as high quality distribution channels for point-of-sale (POS) manufacturers. Their high-touch interaction with end-users and expertise in end-to-end business management solutions have made them rising stars and ideal partners within the POS industry. Over the past few years, software developers and payments processing companies have also seen the light as they, too, have come to appreciate VARs’ distribution value.

  3. MSPs: Cybersecurity Shouldn't Be A Pain In The A$$ets

    At this point, MSPs know the big names in cybersecurity. You’re familiar with old-timers like Sophos, Symantec, Trend Micro, and McAfee—and you've probably heard of some of the newer players like Bromium, Cylance, and Sentinel One. The trouble is that every vendor out there uses the same buzzwords, such as “threat intelligence,” “next-gen”, “machine learning,” etc. So who’s telling the truth?

  4. 5 Ways Your Point Of Sale System Can Boost Margins

    There is a common misconception higher margins are one of the easiest ways to improve business performance. By Doug Smith, director, product marketing, retail and distribution, Epicor Software

  5. Why Manufacturers Are Overpaying On Partner Submitted Claims

    Ineffective management of partner submitted claims contributes to a host of problems for manufacturers. By Alex Weinbaum, Computer Market Research

  6. MSP Saves 15 Years Of Client Data Thanks To BDR Solution

    Launched in 1999, Computer Troubleshooters has over 400 locations. Every office is dedicated to providing the industry’s best technology solutions and the highest level of customer service. They offer a wide variety of products and services designed specifically for the small business that needs help managing their IT environment so their business can run smoothly. Businesses around the world rely on the technology professionals at Computer Troubleshooters to seamlessly manage their IT environments.

  7. MSP Creates Long-Term, Loyal Relationships With Clients Through Differentiated High-Value Services

    For close to two decades, CyberTek has helped businesses reduce downtime, prevent data loss and control technology costs. Their signature service, called R.O.S.I.E (Remote Online Support and Information Exchange), helps their clients increase overall business performance while keeping operational costs low.

  8. Managing Technicians In An MSP Business For Profitability - Part 3

    We allow ourselves to be interrupted by the telephone. How often is the telephone call more important than what you were doing? Two percent of the time? If you get out of the habit of non- interruption for a few days, it can take some work to get back on track.

  9. Managing Technicians In An MSP Business For Profitability - Part 2

    Should You Do Billable Work First? This section is not a “policy” as such, but a discussion of a proposed policy. Every managed service provider (MSP) has three big categories of work that need to be performed: billable work, work covered by managed service agreement (MSA) and internal work.

  10. Managing Technicians In An MSP Business For Profitability - Part 1

    One of the most important roles in any service business is the service manager. This is the person who connects your company to your customers. This is the person who keeps your technicians on task, focused on the most important priorities and constantly improving. The service manager is a lot like a conscientious parent who keeps everything going. In this first section we talk about roles and responsibilities. These are based on a managed service business, not a break/fix shop. You can modify these to fit your business model and also ensure they fit comfortably in your own organization.