Networking Articles

  1. How 2016 Cyber Attacks Will Impact 2017 Security Strategies

    Survey finds despite escalating threats, few changes to security are planned in 2017. By Christine Kern, contributing writer

  2. Cyber Threat Predictions For 2017 And Beyond

    Authentication technology, machine learning, and probabilistic tools gain ground to combat threats. By Christine Kern, contributing writer

  3. For SMBs, Protecting Mobile Workers From Cybercrime Is A Challenging Task

    A new, enhanced solution helps mobile workers stay protected while working outside the office. By Christine Kern, contributing writer

  4. 2017 Predictions For IoT And The Rise Of Smart Cities

    IoT will help things get smarter in 2017 – from industry to cities to homes. By Christine Kern, contributing writer

  5. New Ransomware Forces Victims To Spread Virus For Key

    New unpublished ransomware offers decryption in exchange for infecting more targets. By Christine Kern, contributing writer

  6. Study: Chief Data Officers Make Difference For Federal Agencies

    Eighty-eight percent of agencies with a CDO say they have a positive impact. By Christine Kern, contributing writer

  7. Security, Privacy Top Concerns With AI And IoT

    Survey shows adoption of VR and 3D printers lags in the workplace while AI and IoT adoption grows. By Christine Kern, contributing writer

  8. Finding Balance Between Security And Access To Technology For Schools

    How K-12 institutions can leverage technology safely for enhanced learning experiences. By Christine Kern, contributing writer

  9. 5 Transformative Software Solutions You Should Be Taking Advantage Of

    Anyone who has tried to start a business will likely testify it’s an incredibly difficult undertaking. In fact, about 90 percent of all startups fail within the first year. Still though, there is that 10 percent of entrepreneurs who hit the ground running and find success from day one. What is it about these individuals that allow them to achieve success? Is there some magic formula to follow?

  10. 451 Research Predicts AWS+1 Will Become Default Cloud Strategy In 2017

    Analysts predict the rise of cloud services brokers, providing opportunities for MSPs By Christine Kern, contributing writer