Physical Security Articles

  1. ONVIF Test Tool Allows Clients To Test For Conformance

    ONVIF, the standardization initiative for IP-based physical security products, has released its first Client Test Tool, which tests clients for conformance to ONVIF’s Profile S, G, and C specifications, according to a press release.

  2. Access Control And Video Surveillance News From March 2015

    Each month, Business Solutions reports news on business in the channel. This month in access control and video surveillance news, Digital Watchdog updates software, 3xLOGIC acquires infinias access control lines, and Honeywell expands its NVR line.

  3. Progress Continues To Decrease Tech Interoperability Challenges For Government Agencies, First Responders

    Federal and local agencies and first responders face the task of carrying out their missions while also negotiating serious challenges raised by limited interoperability and compatibility of video surveillance systems, according to Security InfoWatch.

  4. Be Picky About Your Customers

    As break-fix solutions providers transition to managed services, something they need to come to grips with is the concept that not every customers is worth having as a customer. Business Solutions’ March issue included a feature story on Acumen IT titled “The 4 "Nos" That Lead To More Profitable Managed Services ‘Yeses’.” David Helm, Acumen’s CEO, said his #1 piece of advice was “Say No to Accepting Just Any Client.”

  5. Rise Of The Internet Of Things Will Drive Increased IP Access Control Solutions Market

    The explosion of connected devices that is making up the Internet of Things (IoT) is creating increased IP access control solutions demands that will drive the marketplace for VAR offerings and managed services.

  6. While Majority Report Tailgating Vulnerability, Only 15 Percent Report Tracking Incidents

    According to a survey conducted by Boon Edam, while more than 70 percent of respondents report they believe their organizations are vulnerable to security breaches as a result of “tailgating,” only 15 percent report that they are currently tracking these incidents — tailgating occurs when an authorized person holds a door open for another person who enters without successfully passing through access controls. 

  7. Access Control And Video Surveillance News From February 2015

    Each month, Business Solutions reports news on business in the channel. This month in access control and video surveillance news, Pelco introduces new IP camera features, Canon makes an offer to acquire Axis Communications, Samsung launches megapixel HD fisheye cameras and announces online training program, and Milestone certifies the BCDVideo Nova Series.

  8. How SMB IT Solutions Providers Should Use Social Media

    Social media is the best way for SMBs to increase name awareness and interact with a broader customer base.

  9. Study: Solutions Providers See Higher Revenues, Improve Operations And Performance

    A new report by the 2112 Group reveals the IT channel is growing at double-digit rates for the fourth year in a row, increasing revenue and profitability while simultaneously improving business operations and performance.

  10. Video Solutions Have ROI In Field Service

    Video solutions for surveillance and intelligence are gaining popularity in field service.