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Richard Moulds is the VP Strategy at Thales e-Security

  • Mobile Payments Approaches: Three Options For Banks
    Mobile Payments Approaches: Three Options For Banks

    The mobile device creates a tremendous opportunity for the payments industry (and banks in particular) to deliver significant innovation in customer engagement — expanding customer relationships, building loyalty, and driving “top of wallet” status. There are three major mobile payments approaches ideally suited to banks that have one thing in common — they all rely on a major component that banks do not directly control.

  • How To Combat Encryption Sprawl
    How To Combat Encryption Sprawl

    Encryption isn’t new, but it is gaining new momentum. Used for decades in the financial and defense industries, encryption is on the rise again due in part to recent privacy concerns, aggressive data breaches, and laws regarding the disclosure of those breaches. Organizations from small to large are now seeing encryption technology not just as a nice-to-have but as a must-have.

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