Article | October 21, 2011

10 Ways For Your Data Center To Be Business-Wise, Future-Driven

Only Schneider Electric data center physical infrastructure enables companies to adapt data centers at the speed of business to meet ever-changing business needs—now and in the future. Our integrated system, with best-of-breed components from a single company, makes your data center an integral part of your business. A business-wise, future-driven™ data center

  • Bridges facilities and IT via an integrated data center physical infrastructure to maximize efficiency and availability
  • Aligns quickly to business needs and strategic business changes via faster deployment made possible by easy-to-use design tools, easy installation, and modular components
  • Performs at the highest level with best-of-breed components from a single company—components that are designed to work together as a system, therefore ensuring fast and easy deployment to keep pace with what your business needs
  • Enables a private cloud to be easily designed and deployed within the existing infrastructure, with out-of-the- box integrated management that seamlessly works with your existing data center infrastructure
  • Maximizes energy efficiency through highly efficient components, advanced energy management capabilities, and right-sized power and cooling

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