Guest Column | November 12, 2012

Aeris Takes A New Approach To POS Systems

By Dave Miller, national sales director, Aeris POS Systems

True Cloud Computing:
AERIS POS Systems takes a different approach to point of sale by changing the dynamics of the relationship between Resellers and Merchants, and merchants and their customers. Aeris was designed as a true cloud computing solution that offers higher levels of flexibility, security, and affordability.

Aeris was developed from the back office forward. Aeris’ Essential Elements© Back Office has been bringing critical data management and business analytics to large, complex companies for over seven years. Today Aeris Systems offers customers the most comprehensive business management tools available on the market. As a native cloud computing solution, AerisPOS Back Office allows customers, from single stores to multi-unit chains, the scalability necessary to operate successfully in a highly competitive marketplace that demands adaptation.

The Aeris SaaS (Software as a Service) model saves hospitality and retailer’s merchant’s money from the first day of deployment. Costly upgrades are a thing of the past, as are worries about PCI Compliancy. 7/24 support and service are the rule, not the exception, for Aeris customers.

2. Industry focused innovation gives resellers a strong competitive advantage:
We are very focused on reseller success. We want to enable our VAR partners to remain competitive by diversifying their business portfolio. They must be prepared to compete for and win other business opportunities currently going to third party vendors. Digital signage, security, and enterprise management are three common peripheral offerings successful POS VARs have added to their list of products. This is where Aeris raises the bar. Nutrition analysis, business analytics, social marketing, biometrics, payroll deduction, perpetual inventory, and commissary are all part of the Aeris POS system. Additional native functions within Aeris include loyalty, coupons, and QR code marketing.

3. Aeris POS leads the way in self order and kiosk solutions:
Self-service is becoming widely accepted in our society. We have become used to unattended self-service in our ATMs, airports, grocery stores, and big box retailers. Using these new concepts, Aeris is the leading innovator in creating new ways for customers interact with merchants. Aeris POS kiosks and self-order terminals give merchants the opportunity to increase sales and re-focus staff to provide better customer service. VARs who can bring customers forwardfacing solutions using a better price model will be able to keep happy customers long term.

4. Overview of key VAR success:
“I think the one thing that most concerns dealerships (VARs) is how their role is re-defined in a SaaS model,” Miller says. “That includes compensation. We address this in our business partnership with our dealers.” Aeris takes a unique approach to this relationship by providing first-call support, strong customer service & continuing development. This approach allows the VAR to focus their efforts on increasing growth and income. “Aeris SaaS allows our VAR partners the opportunity to build continued long term, profitable relationships with each customer by offering a wider variety of features and services integrated into the Aeris System.” Miller continues, “profits what once went to third-party vendors is business now being won by our dealer partners.”

5. New channel programs offer new opportunities:
Aeris is in a growth mode, and we are looking for business partners. We just released our new lite product, Aeris Accendo. This new product enables our VAR partners to compete with a segment of the market that traditionally ends up purchasing alternative solutions for small store applications. Now with the Aeris Accendo release, retailers and restaurateurs can manage their businesses better with POS, inventory, secure credit card, GL\Reporting, and our 24/7 helpdesk, all for a monthly fee, thus avoiding the huge costs associated with start-ups. They can deploy this within a few days, rather than weeks or months. Customers using Accendo have an easy path to expansion, by moving up to Aeris POS without the expensive cost penalties commonly associated with upgrading legacy POS systems.

6. Strong emphasis on security means less liability:
The cloud enables Aeris to maintain and access systems directly through the web to ensure the maximum DB performance. End-to-end encryption and a “Windowless” operating system means minimized exposer for VARs or end users. Now they are able to focus on other aspects of their business as well as other revenue streams.