Download | November 24, 2009

User Manual: AVG Internet Security Business Edition 9.0

Source: AVG Business

Internet Security Business Edition pulls these capabilities together with the new enhanced firewall and high-performance scanner to deliver proactive protection that's second to none. This future-proof protection level leverages cutting-edge technologies like application white-listing and "in-the-cloud" automated testing to definitely identify the presence of a new threat.

It's faster, smarter security that won't slow your business down.

  • NEW Data Protection ensures safe online business transactions by adding vital extra security on top of your anti-virus
  • NEW high-performance virus scanner gives you great protection without getting in the way of business
  • ENHANCED protection against phishers and server-based spam keeps your email system running smoothly
  • ENHANCED firewall works in the background to keep hackers out of your network without interrupting your business
  • NEW Linux-based Rescue CD to ensure your network can be recovered even if an existing infection prevents Windows from booting
  • ENHANCED remote administration ensures easy deployment and centralized management of security incidents

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