Article | November 20, 2013

Benseron Evolution And Bevo POS - Tablet POS Overview

Today Benseron is revolutionizing what can be offered to restaurants. With such an intuitive understanding of the restaurant business and the ability to convert that understanding into technological intelligence is what sets Benseron apart. We are a boutique firm, seeking to support our customers with the best product we can create: and we generate new ideas every day. We thrive on the quality, not quantity. That's what makes us different.

Benseron offers the most innovative, reliable and efficient software solutions at the lowest prices, guaranteed. We customize every system to suit your needs, from a complete POS system, to accessories and support.

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Category/Feature Response
Company name Benseron IT, Inc.
Product name Benseron Evolution and Bevo POS 
Target customer/industry (who is your software made for?) Hospitality, Restaurants
Supported OS Platform(s) and version(s)? Windows 7, iOS 6 and 7
Cloud-based? Installed? App? Cloud-based and Bevo POS iPad App
Does data flow through an intermediate server at the store, or is it straight to cloud? Both
When the data gets to the cloud, is it in a SQL database, or is it stored in a database intended for a mobile platform? SQL database
How long can each unit run with no internet/LAN? No limit
Bevo POS IPAD app requires wifi internet connection
The year your company was founded 2004
Company website  |
Contact information for partner program inquiries Onur Haytac | | 239.963.1888 ext. 601


General Features  
Can you print a graphical logo at the top of the receipt?
Audit controls (by employee, by job role, both, none) Both
Integrated time clock?
Interface to third-party payroll?
Ability to track cashier shifts with drawer counts?
Interface to Quickbooks accounting software?
Ability to split tender?
Do you support more than one tax rate?
Do you support flat taxes?


Restaurant-Specific Features  
Are modifiers Supported?
Ability to pay at table?   With Bevo POS app
Ingredient & Recipe Tracking?   Ability to print recipe from the order screen
Happy hour pricing?
Split checks (guest, number of ways, both, none) Both
Can you split a bottle of wine between two guests?
Can you do bar tabs?
Ring up combo meals? ✔  With auto combo option
Support for online ordering of food on restaurant web site?
Allow multiple/different menus?
Ability to pre-authorize a credit card when a customer starts a tab to verify the card is good?
Kitchen printer Support?
Multiple kitchen printer support?
Kitchen video system support?
Can you send an order to the kitchen by course, instead of as it was rung?
Caller ID Integration?
Sales pricing based on date (e.g. 10% off between 12/1 and 12/6)?   Time events


Payment Processing  
Integrated processors/gateways (forced to use any? Direct integrations or via gateways?)
Is your product PCI compliant (secure integrated payments)?
Support for mobile wallet?
PIN/Debit Support?
Support for customer loyalty programs?
EBT & Food Stamp Support?


Brands/models of receipt printers supported:  Bixolon, Epson,Benseron
Support for hard-wired receipt printers (USB/Parallel/Serial)?   USB and serial
Support for hard-wired Ethernet receipt printers?
Support for wireless receipt printers?
Do you support non-IP/networked printers?
Support for pole display integration   LCD customer display only
Integration w/ DVR/Surveillance System   Text overlay
Dual cash drawer support
Brands/models of bar code scanners supports: ID Tech, any USB barcode scanner is fine
Support for integrated scales?    If certified, please email copy of certificate


Financials, Terms, Conditions  
Support (terms and costs) Included in the purchase price
Customer Pricing $899
Dealer margin 100%
Can resellers earn monthly recurring revenue from sales of your software?   We still follow the traditional method. The dealer puts its own margin and charges its own customer
Number of licenses sold or active customers (excluding demos, trials) 5000+
Percent of current business that is direct (sold by you, not a reseller) 90%

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