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Breaking Into A New Vertical — Which One And How Can A VAR Finance That Venture?

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Peter Lougas, channel account manager for OKI Printing Solutions, sits down with Business Solutions magazine President Jim Roddy for an exclusive interview at the 2009 SYNNEX Spring Training Sales Conference in Toronto.

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Excerpts from an exclusive interview with Peter Lougas, channel account manager for OKI Printing Solutions, and Jim Roddy, president of Business Solutions, from the 2009 SYNNEX Spring Training Sales Conference in Toronto

BSM: If somebody gets [new vertical market] information and says, “Wow, I want to get into that market. I just can’t afford it,” that’s a very common thing nowadays. Can you talk a little bit about financing? How can a VAR finance?

Lougas: I’ll take this two ways because in Canada it’s a little bit different. We have a lot of our distribution partners up here in Canada, i.e. SYNNEX for example, where they offer financing to our value-added partners to be able to put turnkey solutions and offer the financing options available to the end user customer. In conjunction with that, we’re also seeing our VARs up here in Canada have strategic relationships with their leasing arms as well.

In the United States, we’re taking it one step further. OKI has got a strategic relationship with a leasing company and is continually offering creative and innovative ways to provide that financing to our value-added partners in the States. It is something we are looking at bringing north of the border if it makes financial sense.

BSM: There are a lot of banks who are shaky or nervous about loaning money. But you’re saying with these other programs, there is leasing available so VARs can finance any of these new markets.

Lougas: Yes. That is correct.

This is only a portion of this exclusive interview. For the complete podcast, go to the media player at the top of this page.

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