Guest Column | December 3, 2012

BTG Advocates Cloud Done Right - A Snapshot Into The Private Cloud And End-User Computing

Jeff BTG Headshot

By Jeff Kaplan, CEO, Breakthrough Technology Group

Organizations of all shapes and sizes are taking to the cloud – and for good reason. Among the primary attractions: end-user computing power, flexibility, competitive advantage and cost savings.  Cloud Computing is a proven model that elevated enterprise technology to unprecedented heights.

To take full advantage, organizations must ensure their respective deployments are Cloud Done Right.

The majority of businesses we speak with tell us that, for the most part, Public Cloud lacks inherent flexibility. And that partnering with multiple vendors for SaaS or Cloud solutions creates a siloed approach that prohibits integration, limits productivity and stifles innovation.

In my opinion, the reality of today’s workplace dictates that the only way to truly address each enterprise’s individual needs is to deliver a Private Cloud that fulfills their security, business and auditing requirements.

The benefits of cloud computing are significant and indisputable. Companies worldwide want to utilize the centralized computing model and its inherent, unlimited value — and rightfully so.

However, their internal IT teams lack both the necessary expertise and resources to build, deploy and manage solutions that perform optimally, scale, and are in line with yearly budgets.

Regardless of industry or vertical market, organizations must ensure that their deployment features the tools they need to succeed. Every company has its own way of doing things; even those competing in the same industry have specific processes, protocols and unique computing needs.

As a veteran cloud solutions provider, BTG utilizes a unique approach to Private Cloud comprised of shared Storage, Networking and Firewall infrastructure housed in SASE16 Data Centers, which allows for a critical level of isolation for each customer.  Within a Private Cloud environment, organizations are able to leverage myriad solutions, such as: VDI, Shared Hosted Desktops; Server Virtualization; and SaaS Services, including Exchange, SharePoint, Archiving

Without exception, I – as well as the entire BTG team - am a strong proponent of centralized cloud and end-user computing. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), of which I am also an outspoken advocate, is an essential resource for small, medium and enterprise-sized organizations.

According to the report, 'Cloud-Based Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Market 2012-2017,' the estimated value of the global cloud-based VDI market will reach $11.2 billion in 2012. Widespread adoption of cloud computing (which Gartner estimates will exceed $109 million in 2012) and an increasingly mobile workforce make a compelling argument over traditional desktop computing which consumes excessive time and resources.

Although historically considered too complex and expensive, VDI solutions from IT and managed services providers are making it more affordable for companies of all sizes to take advantage of this advanced technology and cost benefits. VDI eliminates the need to purchase multiple licenses for every employee since they have multiple devices.

However, VDI is only one piece of the puzzle.

The future of our industry is shifting towards the larger theme of End-User Computing.  The adoption of this model is evolving at breakneck speeds, which as I mentioned above, often leaves in-house IT staff shorthanded and without adequate resources.  BYOD, through the continued proliferation of new devices, tablets and smartphones across the enterprise, is putting considerable strain on support, security and management teams.

We are witnessing a perfect storm of technology and telecommunications as hardware manufacturers are building for mobility, while carriers build their next generation 4G networks enabling streaming app delivery. At the same time, vendors such as VMware and Citrix continue to develop products and solutions that focus specifically on the End-User, are mature, and allow businesses to cost-effectively and securely shift to a centralized computing model.

What is most important to note, is that all cloud providers are not created equal, as some have very little if any familiarity with the industry's many regulatory requirements.

Not to mention, the almost meteoric rise of cloud service adoption has created an environment in which organizations must conduct extensive due diligence to be sure that their partner of choice has the inherent stability – both technically and organizationally – to not only deploy, but to also manage and support any implementation for the long-term, foreseeable future.

For any industry, whether financial services, education, government, or manufacturing, when working with third party outsourced or managed services providers, it is an absolute imperative that your partner/provider understands both the industry and technical nuances to implement Cloud Done Right.

Jeff Kaplan is CEO of Breakthrough Technology Group (, a global leader in cloud, managed and professional IT and Telecom Solutions.  BTG delivers advanced technology to enterprise, government, education, not-for-profits and other organizations looking to manage anywhere from dozens to millions of users, and all sizes in between. BTG utilizes world-class Architecture and Engineering teams that have decades of experience within this vertical market and technology sector.

The Company has been honored as an MSPmentor 250 managed services provider, is AT&T’s Top Solutions Provider for both 2010 and 2011, and is a certified AT&T, Citrix, Microsoft, and VMWare partner.