White Paper | August 7, 2014

Buyer's Guide To Point Of Sale Systems

Source: Mercury Payment Systems
Point Of Sale System Guide

A well-selected POS system is a valuable asset to any brick- and-mortar business. POS systems allow broad management of business operations including inventory, pricing and sales, employee management, and much more. POS systems reduce man-hours required to operate a business while increasing security and minimizing losses from human error. Finding the right solution for your business is important for sustained success.

This guide is designed to help inform business operators about the core concepts of selecting a POS system. We have spent many years in the trenches of the POS industry, addressing issues of usability, user adoption, business process, and support services. We hope to empower you with tried-and-true advice that can help you select the appropriate solution for your business. The following pages come from years of consultations and customer feedback. Welcome to the search!

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