Channel Transitions Conference Takeaways, Via Twitter


Business Solutions’ Channel Transitions VAR/MSP Executive Conference provided education and networking designed to help attendees learn how to best implement and manage the as-a-Service model. Attendees shared some of the takeaways via Twitter from the October 7 conference in Philadelphia.

DavidWells101: #chantran13 Looking forward to gathering new insights. Financing transition to as a service

ctoevents: Pay it forward. #AJO #chantran13

jpanek: John Rutkowski of BOLDER Designs recommends book The E Myth Revisited. #chantran13

mszkoda: #chantran13 @bsminfo Great day here at channel transitions!

PAR_Partner_Eco: Learning how to INVIGORATE the channel with "as a service" #chantran13

jpanek: To retrain or rehire sales and tech staff changing from break-fix to MSP. Break-fix: don't change easy. #chantran13

jpanek: Panel discussion at #chantran13. Change to MSP one customer at a time. Get staff on the bus one at a time.

Golem5: Managed service providers don't want their solutions to break. Ever. Solid point. #chantran13

InsideRSPA: #chantran13 via @Golem5: Contact recurring clients every 3-6 months. Set budget expectations for next service they may want to sign up for.

Jim_Roddy: Attendees at #chantran13 say they love the diversity of channel executive here. Various businesses & verticals. @bsminfo

jpanek: MSP Rule of 78. Add One customer @ One dollar each month = $78 rev at year-end. Imagine $100 - $1000 per customer. #chantran13

jpanek: Make a x/y matrix of customers and services you sell. Green check if they have it, red x if they don't. Go sell some services! #chantran13

DavidWells101: @Jim_Roddy Great event, came away with more than going in and made great connections in the process #chantran13


Channel Transitions is sponsored by: AVG Managed Workplace, Mercury, OKI Data Americas, GFI MAX, ModernOffice Suite, and Harbortouch with industry association partners The ASCII Group, CompTIA, and the Retail Solutions Providers Association (RSPA).

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