Continuum: RMM Product Review

Based on the feedback of our loyal readers, we’re proud to bring you product reviews as a new editorial inclusion this year. Because of the growing interest in the managed services business model, we kicked off our testing with RMM software. Remote Technology Management (RTM), an MSP based in the Boston area and headed up by CEO Eric Brown, performed the testing over a four-week period. Brown, along with his team of technology consultants, tested seven RMM tools and shared feedback on the highlights and lowlights of each one. The seven RMM tools tested were from the following vendors: Continuum, GFI, Kaseya, LabTech, Level Platforms, N-able, and Dell packetTrap.

Below are RTM’s comments on one of the vendors tested. To view the entire product test, which compares all seven RMM products, click here.

Does the RMM vendor have a NOC?
Not only does Continuum have a NOC with a team of 600 people, they were the first company to combine RMM software with a 24x7x365 NOC. The functionality of this feature not only enhances the RMM product, it is integral and available in all 3 levels of service: Remote Server Watch, Proactive Server Care, and Remote Server Care (no additional charge applies).

Agent vs. Agentless
Continuum offers either model. Traditionally, an agent needed to be installed on any computer that required monitoring. This month Continuum released LogMeIn Rescue, which not only supports mobile device management, but can also be used to monitor Windows PCs and Macs.

SaaS vs. On-Premise
Continuum offers its RMM product as an on-premise or SaaS model.

MDM (mobile device management) Support
The MDM tool Continuum uses is LogMeIn Rescue – which provides on-demand support for smartphones (Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Mobile), tablets (Android and iPad), and PC- and Mac-based latopts through a single tool. LogMeIn Rescue is an agentless tool. The only caveat is that LogMeIn Rescue is not included as part of the RMM product. It is billed at $100/month, with a one-year minimum subscription term.

Special features/functions

  • LogMeIn Pro (a fast remote login tool)
  • Vipre (antivirus software, sold as a monthly managed service)
  • Malwarebytes -- antimalware software; free to install with purchase of a desktop agent.
  • scripting library (reduces the time it takes to create scripts that allow a VAR/MSP to run preventative maintenance tasks on demand as well as scripts that automate the process of installing/uninstalling common applications)
  • Subscribe to Business Solutions magazineLogMeIn Rescue (a single tool that provides on-demand support for smartphones (Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Mobile), tablets (Android and iPad), and Windows PCs and Macs)
  • End-Client Communicator: a system tray icon that can be used to gain brand recognition with your clients and provide self-service modules to help reduce client calls and requests for information.  Through the Communicator you can synchronize news feeds, send instant messages, and integrate scripts to provide users with tools to fix problems on demand.

 What is your overall assessment of this product? What stood out as good? What was unacceptable?
My overall assessment of this product is that it is a comprehensive solution especially suited for small to medium-size MSPs. Besides a valuable NOC combined with solid RMM software, I got the feeling that Continuum really has the success of your business in mind. You get a dedicated sales technician, along with mailers, marketing tools, deliverables, even contract templates with pre-constructed SLA’s. Continuum was a top performer in the following four categories: fast remote login (thanks to LogMeIn), white list patch management, scripting ease, and virus alerting on its dashboard.

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