Guest Column | September 27, 2011

Cut Cost, Not Student Programs

Your EMR Might Not Be Enough

The U.S. Department of Education indicates that after reaching a low point in 1985, the overall student population has been steadily increasing. In this era of declining budgets and doing more with less, how will you cope?

The recent economic downturn has tightened budgets in school districts across the nation, yet the number of students and the need for student services and programs has not correspondingly declined. Many districts have cut personnel and programs to deal with the widening gap between available funds and school needs. There is a better way to balance your budget without impacting opportunities for your students.

ECM technologies help manage the pressures of records management for school districts while making them more efficient and saving them money. Cloud-based ECM systems make it easy for schools with limited capital budgets and shrinking IT resources to get started. Implementation is quick, giving schools immediate control over information and instantly easing the financial burden of records management.

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