Brochure | August 4, 2011

Brochure: Digital Pen Overview

Source: OKI

In today's highly competitive, fast-paced world, time frames are shorter than ever. The focus is on more accurate and more efficient processes—and getting better and faster results. Managing information in handwritten forms and hard-copy documents remains a basic yet essential task for many businesses and institutions, and is often a slow process.

Don't let handwriting slow you down. The Digital Pen Printing Solution brought to you by OKI Printing Solutions and Anoto makes information available quickly and easily. It can boost operational efficiencies, reduce costly errors, aid in compliance, and free up valuable resources.

Basically, just print, write and share:

  • Use an Anoto-qualified OKI Printing Solutions color printer (a standard model; no special version required) to print your PDF, Microsoft® Office or any Windows®-based document
  • With an Anoto digital pen, write or draw on the document just as you would with an ordinary pen
  • Dock the digital pen in its USB cradle: Through Anoto penDocuments Pro software, the notations are accurately merged with an image of the original document, instantly creating an exact copy—complete with notations—in PDF or TIFF format

Files can be automatically and securely sent from your PC via email, or integrated directly into your back-office document management system for sharing and storing.

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