White Paper | October 1, 2012

Don't Be A Puppet Of Your Backup Strategy

Source: Unitrends

This white paper from Unitrends discusses how backup is simply a form of insurance and what’s important is getting your systems and data protected in the most effective and affordable manner possible. It is important to make sure that you are the person dictating and directing your backup strategy and not following along with your chosen strategy (or vendor).

This paper notes 4 key principles that can help to ensure that your focus is on your company and its success and profitability rather than your backup vendor’s company. These 4 key principles are:

  • Backup without recovery is worthless
  • Operational expense drains focus and resource from your business
  • Virtualization support can’t just be an afterthought
  • Heterogeneity isn’t just hard to spell – it’s even harder to support

Download this white paper from Unitrends below to get a detailed explanation for each of these 4 key principles and learn more about how to take control of your backup strategy.

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