News | January 28, 2013

DSP Long Range Fixed RFID Reader Features Patented Auto-Tuning Function


GAO RFID Inc., recommends its 134.2 kHz DSP Long Range Fixed RFID Reader which significantly reduces interference from noise. This long range reader is specifically designed for continuous operation in harsh and noisy environments such as slaughterhouses, scales or sorting gates.

Equipped with a digital signal processor (DSP), this LF RFID reader, model 212007, features a patented Auto-Tuning Function (ATF) at power up and on demand that not only simplifies the first installation, but also ensures the best read range for continuous operation under varying conditions. Another exceptional feature of this RFID reader is its Integrated Diagnosis Module (IDM), which enables on-site diagnosis for noise problems without requiring additional instruments such as an oscilloscope or system analyzer.

This easy to use RFID reader reads transponders compliant with ISO 118784/5 standards and provides a tested read range of up to 115 cm for FDX-B transponders and 130 cm for HDX transponders. It is designed to power one or two large antennas and offers clock synchronization enabling applications where several readers or antennas are used in close proximity. In addition, it has an IP66 protection rating allowing for robust operation even in harsh environments.

This LF DSP long range fixed RFID reader belongs to GAO’s family of 134 kHz Low Frequency RFID Readers. Other featured products in this line are 134.2 kHz Rugged Handheld Stick Reader which is specially designed for applications including logistics, animal tracking, warehouse management and access control and 134.2kHz Stationary RFID Reader which is designed with several advanced functions and tailored specially for continuous operation in harsh environments found in feeding stations, animal scales or sorting gates.134.2 kHz RFID FDX Handheld Reader for Pets and Low Frequency (LF) 134.2 KHz PDA CF Interface RFID Reader are also popular.