Article | September 11, 2012

Filling The Gaps In Your ERP Solution

This article from Martin Levesque, director of professional services at iDatix Corporation discusses the essential foundation enterprise resource planning (ERP) software in manufacturing and the gaps that most often exist in ERP systems.  Levesque notes that the gaps most often exist in procurement, production, fulfillment, human resources, customer management, and to an extent accounting.

There are numerous reasons that manufacturers can’t – or won’t – fill gaps in their ERP systems. This article presents us with four notable reasons: cost, fear, time, and disruption. Cost is the primary reason for manufacturers to put off new system investments or current system upgrades.

As noted in a CIO article, “Of course, traditional ERP applications can change. But it’ll cost you. In customizations. In change and process management. In upgrades. A typical company… will spend an average of $1.2 million each year to maintain, modify and update its ERP system.”

The total costs of Tier 1 ERP installations as noted in this article include:

  • SAP reaches nearly $17 million
  • Oracle at $12.6 million
  • Microsoft at $2.6 million

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