News | May 9, 2012

6fusion Expands Multi-Hypervisor Federated Cloud To Include Xen Customers

Users can now use a combination of Xen Source, Citrix Xen Server, or VMware hypervisors across public, private and hybrid cloud environments 

6fusion, the leading provider of utility metered public, private, and hybrid cloud infrastructure management solutions recently announced multi-hypervisor support with the expansion of its cloud computing platform to support the Open Source and Citrix Xen platforms.

“6fusion’s objective is to neutralize the relevance of the hypervisor when building cloud infrastructure,” says John Cowan, CEO and co-founder of 6fusion.  “With this release, customers now not only have the ability to operate Xen based infrastructure side by side with other hypervisors managed by 6fusion’s UC6 platform, but they can move cloud workloads seamlessly across private or public cloud infrastructure managed by different hypervisor technologies,” he added.

With this new release, 6fusion users will have the ability to build, meter, and manage both public and private infrastructures using the VMware vSphere, Open Source Xen, and Citrix Xen virtualization platforms.

Using 6fusion’s Workload Allocation Cube (WAC) technology as a single unit of measurement, users are able to precisely report IT resource consumption, cost, and ROI using a standardized measurement methodology across multiple infrastructures running different hypervisors and maintained by different cloud providers. This apples-to-apples comparison enables IT organizations to:

  • Optimize IT cost distribution – utility metering allows IT leaders to determine the best place to deploy workloads in public, private or hybrid infrastructures and how to distribute those costs across the organization
  • Reduce vendor lock-in – 6fusion’s federated network of IaaS providers gives customers a choice in the data center wheretheir workloads are deployed and what hypervisor is used
  • Maximize existing infrastructure – 6fusion allows organizations to leverage existing resources in combination with newresources across physical, virtual, and public or private cloud infrastructure

“Most organizations today are either running or are considering running multiple hypervisors, which is making multi-hypervisor support in cloud management an important factor,” said Rachel Chalmers, Research Director at 451 Research. “6fusion combines multi-hypervisor support with the ability to federate public and private data centers in one platform.”

“Expanding our supported platforms with Xen changes the cloud equation in a big way,” continued Cowan. “The utility metered approach highlights the economic differences the various platforms bring to the table.  IT organizations from cloud providers to end users can now, for the first time, leverage technical and economic knowledge based on the same single unit of measure to make the best choices for theirorganizations.”

6fusion will be demonstrating this exciting new functionality at booth 618 at the Citrix Synergy Event May 9-11 and at booth 311 at Interop May 8-10.

About 6fusion
6fusion provides utility-metered cloud infrastructure management solutions that enable global workload distribution across public, private and hybrid clouds in pay-per-use billable utilities. The unique metering algorithm, Workload Allocation Cube (WAC), creates a commercial standard to quantify supply and demand for compute resources.

For IT service providers, enterprises and independent software vendors, and Infrastructure Owners/Operators, 6fusion simplifies and streamlines Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) via a single console that provides valuable insight into consumption, performance benchmarking and cost allocation without vendor lock-in. For more information, visit

SOURCE: 6fusion