Guest Column | June 23, 2014

How To Establish Recurring Revenue Streams Through Printing Solutions

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Doug August, Senior Product Manager of Industry Solutions, OKI Data Americas

By Doug August, Senior Product Manager of Industry Solutions, OKI Data Americas

In any business, it’s important to establish a recurring revenue stream. In the office equipment industry, a recurring revenue stream can come from not only selling the hardware (printers or copiers), but also selling the software solutions that are most appropriate for a customer’s business needs. For example, selling multifunction devices bundled with a compatible and/or complementary software solution can boost not only the initial sale but will also help to establish a recurring revenue stream with these three key segments: installation, peripherals, and maintenance.

  1. Installation.  With the advancement of technology, software solutions can often be installed and configured for a customer remotely and collaboratively using webinar software. With this convenience, a dealer can resell remote installation and configuration services, make a profit, and save on labor costs that would have otherwise been spent on a technician. As an example, remote installation and configuration is ideal for a decentralized environment such as a hospital or college/university. The locations of those IT groups might be in one location, while the printers and copiers are scattered throughout the entire institution.

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