Guest Column | August 14, 2014

How To Make Channel Incentive Programs A True Win-Win

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Dan Hawtof, EVP of Corporate Business Development, Products and Solutions, parago

By Dan Hawtof, EVP, Corporate Business Development, Products & Solutions, parago

Dan Hawtof, EVP of Corporate Business Development, Products and Solutions, parago

The speed at which technology is creating new products and services is increasing exponentially. For resellers — particularly those in the IT sector — this nets out to increased pressure not only to sell, but to stay abreast of a constant stream of technological advancements.

Resellers probably spend the majority of each day engaged in activities that make money, i.e., making sales and follow-up calls. When they’re lucky enough to find an extra hour or two, they head straight for the latest tech industry news. (They may even be covering this part of the job on their own time.)

And then there are the channel program activities.

If you have 20 vendors, and your team is enrolled in even half of the associated channel programs, that’s a lot of information to keep track of. The email stream alone is probably overwhelming.

But – resellers want those incentives! And you can’t earn an incentive if you don’t know it exists. So, it would seem you’re stuck with the status quo.

You aren’t, though. There is something you can do to help keep channel program communications and activities at a manageable level for everyone. And it has the potential to make them a more profitable activity for all concerned.

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