Podcast | October 16, 2013

How To Make Money Offering ‘Products-As-A-Service'

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John Templeton

John Templeton, President of solution provider Millennium Technologies, talks with Jameson Publishing and Business Solutions magazine President Jim Roddy in this exclusive Executive-To-Executive interview conducted at the 2013 ScanSource Partner Conference in Austin, TX.

A 33-year veteran of the channel, Templeton provides his firsthand perspective of the as-a-Service business model, how he funded his company’s transition, hiring and training needs, compensation models, and bundling strategies.

"Small to medium transactions, we will self-fund them,” Templeton says. “One of the ways you can really help yourself is if you attach service contracts to the devices that you’re selling. You keep the service contract outside of the agreement – make that a separate entity unto itself. Therefore, you get to collect the service revenues up front, which will dramatically help you to fund the rest of the PaaS (Products-as-a-Service) agreement."

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