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Professional asset reports, alerts, email messages, and the ability to search and view data using the web comes complete with iTRAK© Software.

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iTraking Information

iTrak© software offers you the ability to track assets, equipment, parts, documents, etc., using a variety of available technologies. Whether the requirement is an active or a passive RFID tracking system, iTrak© provides an accurate, real-time update of tagged product movements based on your selected tracking points.

Supported by a central and comprehensive SQL Database, iTrak© is an integrated, yet modular approach to Asset Tracking, allowing for better management of your data. Access your information via your network or a web connection.

Central Database

iTrak© software brings an ability to customize queries and build custom reports. In one central area iTrak© stores all the lifecycle details of tagged assets. Reports can be developed to include the following details: Part #, Bin ID, Supplier, PO, Order, Status, warranty and maintenance, physical location status and digital images or documents.

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