News | April 2, 2014

JVC Offers New Pocket-Sized UHF Radio Ideal For Pro-Security Applications

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PKT-23 Weighs In at 3.9oz – About the Size of a Credit Card

JVC Pocket-Sized UHF radios are ideal for a wide range of professional security applications given their small size, great range and long battery life. Manufactured by Kenwood, the new PKT-23 Pocket-Sized UHF FM Portable Radio features four channels with a powerful 1.5 Watts of transmission power and up to 15 hours of operation before needing to be charged. Weighing in at a mere 3.9 ounces and approximately the size of a credit card, the ultra-compact PKT-23 is built to withstand the rigors of everyday use.

“The PKT-23 is a full featured UHF radio with long battery life and an extremely compact design that can be easily clipped onto a belt or kept in a pocket,” said John Grabowski, National Sales & Marketing Manager, JVC Professional Products Company, Security Division. “Its high performance and rugged design make it the perfect communications tool for a wide range of professional security applications and personnel.”

The PKT-23 Pocket-Sized UHF FM Portable Radio features: 1.5 Watts of transmission power with up to a 5 mile range; 39-QT/168-DQT coded squelch; a Li-Ion 1,430 mAh battery for extended operation up to 15 hours; Super Lock (manager key lock); easy to use scan functions; a micro-USB port; and a 2-year warranty. The PKT-23 is currently available at select distributors. For more information, visit

About JVC Professional Products
JVC Professional Products Company is a division of JVC Americas Corp., a wholly-owned subsidiary of JVC Kenwood Corporation. JVC is a leading global supplier of IP network and analog security cameras, network video recorders, monitors, and management systems with a field proven reputation for exceptional performance and unrivaled reliability. For more information, visit

SOURCE: JVC Professional Products

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