Guest Column | July 21, 2014

5 Keys To Increasing MSP Sales Part 4: Have A Sales Focus

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Gary Pica, President and Founder of TruMethods LLC

By Gary Pica, President and Founder, TruMethods LLC

Gary Pica, President and Founder of TruMethods LLC

I speak in front of IT providers at many live events each year. During these events I poll the audience to see how many people have a goal of increasing their managed services revenue and normally over 95 percent of the hands in the audience go up. Then I ask how many people have a dedicated resource focused only on adding new managed services agreements. Very few hands are raised.

5 Keys To MSP Sales #4 — Have A Sales Focus

Think of areas in your business that you have improved; did any of them improve without focused resources? This point dawned on me one day after I had announced to my employees that building our managed services practice was our most important initiative. I was sitting on the phone getting a price for a firewall project, and I asked myself what I was doing. How were we going to reach our goals if I was not focused on our top priority? 

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