News | May 29, 2012

Launch Of Q-Guide 400 Customer Flow Ticket Printer, Distributed By Mustek


Emerge Customer Flow Management is pleased to announce the distribution partnership with Mustek on the newly launched Q-Guide 400 ticket printer, the complete solution for Customer Flow Management in a box.

The Q-Guide 400 is a quick and easy system for improved queuing. With the Q-Guide, your clients wait in a calm and relaxed manner without risk of losing their queue position. The Q-Guide 400 is flexible and easy for shops, retail market and small public areas – all areas that aim for efficient organisation, reducing costs, create up-selling and giving the customer a satisfying experience.

The product has great potential in the smaller segment of the queuing system environment. Customers who previously opted for queuing systems with pre-printed queue tickets can now move to a more intelligent and modern solution.

The Q-Guide 400 solution in a box is easy to install and can be used immediately. There are no specialist skills involved in setting up the Q-Guide 400.

With the touch LCD screen and call forward buttons, you have real-time queue management to accommodate one queue. Add in the Q-Guide 400 expansion kit, and you are able to manage two independent queues.

There are 80 preset templates that you are able to choose from on the onscreen display. Different colour buttons and descriptions are easily changed on the fly.

The noticeably green ticket printer is designed and manufactured by Qmatic of Sweden.

Key product benefits of the Q-Guide 400 are:

  • See how many people are waiting in the queue in real-time
  • Intelligent LCD touch screen includes 80 activity photos
  • Call the customer with both the number and buzzer
  • Complete solution in one package
  • Design your own welcome message, both on the screen and ticket
  • Upgrade to two separate queues by adding the Q-Guide 400 + Expansion kit
  • Create unique text campaigns on the ticket

The Q-Guide 400 has a 12-month hardware warranty.

Doriann Venter, Point of Sale Brand Manager, of Mustek, added: “This is the perfect accessory to the Mustek POS Solutions Division.”

SOURCE: Emerge Group