Case Study | September 30, 2011

MOBOTIX Cameras Protect Rock'n Roll Hall Of Fame In New York


The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Annex NYC is the absolute "must see" place for fans of Rock Music. Located in Soho, just a few blocks from Little Italy and Chinatown, the museum is becoming the newest attraction for music fans from New York, and of course visiting tourists. "It's easy to get lost in the music as you journey through galleries filled with the personal mementos of Rock legends like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Madonna and Bruce Springsteen. From guitar heroes like Jimi Hendrix to song poets like Bob Dylan" That is the slogan for this exhibition. It is hard to imagine how much enthusiasm and love of details it takes to start a project like this. It takes a lot of connections to talk artists like Madonna or the Rolling Stones into loaning their history making assets to a museum. David Waggett and his team bring all this in. Some of the exhibits have been donated; some of them are loaned from the artists. They all have one thing in common: They are irreplaceable pieces of history, some of them insured with seven figures.

The journey begins in the Hall of Fame Gallery, which pays tribute to each and every artist inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Plaques featuring artist signatures line the walls and light up as visitors listen to a soundtrack of Rock7s greatest hits. Feeling the rush of the live concert experience, visitors watch never before seen footage of Rock's most electrifying performances in an immersive theater. Witnessing inductees at pivotal moments in their careers — from The Beatles at Shea Stadium to Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock, plus many other ground breaking performances. Following the film, visitors will be given a set of Sennheiser stereo headphones that use wireless technology to transmit audio content as they journey through the remaining galleries. The "Roots and Influences" section is a gallery of high definition screens, mapping the roots and influences of today's most popular musicians, followed by "Moments to Movements", which isolates five critical turning points on the timeline of Rock & Roll that sparked major movements within the music industry. As the exhibition takes place in New York, a special section is dedicated to the city: "New York Rocks". As an epicenter of art and culture, New York City has played an integral role in the history of Rock & Roll. The New York Rocks gallery centers around an interactive map of Manhattan that highlights sites around the city significant to the history of Rock & Roll, from The Chelsea Hotel to the recently closed CBGB club. This gallery also features personal items from the private collections of some of New York's most notable Rock artists, including John Lennon and Billy Joel.

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