N-central® - Award-Winning RMM & MSP Service Automation Platform

Source: N-able Technologies Inc.

N-central - Award-Winning RMM & MSP Service Automation Platform

N-central® is a #1 rated MSP Service Automation Platform. N-central is both flexible and powerful. Deliver best-of-breed services across multiple networks and sites - all from a single pane of glass.

Built for MSP Efficiency

Centralized Management Console – “single pane-of-glass” – for quick command and control of devices – on premise, mobile, or in the cloud.

Multi-tenancy - N-central has a highly-scalable, multi-tenant design which allows you to manage hundreds of customers and tens of thousands of devices with the required security and control.

Asset Discovery – Agent & Probe discovery techniques collect the granular details of all devices on your network. Auto-classification and assignment ensures that new devices are never missed.

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