Case Study | January 20, 2011

Case Study: NetIQ Provides Cure For Acusis Medical Transcription Services

Whether a patient's condition is critical or not, the speed, accuracy, and security of the patient's information are crucial. Acusis, a global medical-transcription company headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, has a core business that provides medical records to small physician practices, clinics, and large hospital systems. In the medical transcription business, quality on-time delivery is mission critical. One of their biggest challenges is the expectation of a 24-hour or less turnaround time, which in reality could mean as little as one to three hours.

The Acusis system takes a doctor's dictation via telephone and processes it into a medical transcript that is delivered back to the client. Previously, Acusis had no monitoring system to ensure their uptime or security requirements for these critical deliverables. Acusis required a tool that would provide quality monitoring to ensure nearly 100-percent uptime. Acusis looked for multiple offerings, strong references, a proven product and a well-known company. Ray Dyer, vice president of marketing for Acusis, explained they chose NetIQ and its AppManager® and NetIQ Security Manager™ products because they could assure, optimize and secure their systems in all worldwide locations, including India.

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